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Holidays To Dalaman Are Fifth Most Popular In Britain, Survey Shows

22 July, 2014: Holidays to Dalaman, in Turkey, are the fifth most popular option for a summer break among British citizens. This is the conclusion drawn from a recent survey by a metasearch company, based on UK flight search data from the last three months.

This study, conducted at both a global and a per-region basis, also revealed that the region, located in the southwest coast of Turkey, was in the top five most searched locations for 11 of the 20 airports the survey comprised, making it a popular destination for UK tourists both globally and locally.

The appeal of this region is not hard to understand: centrally located and served by one of Turkey’s busiest airports, this location allows easy access to a number of destinations along the Turkish coast. By taking holidays to Dalaman, tourists visiting the country are therefore a stone’s throw away from appealing beach resorts and quaint little villages, making it the ideal home base for exploring.

Dalaman was also something of an anomaly in the overall "Top 5" destinations presented by the agency in question, being the only location outside of the United States and Spain. At least in what concerns the early months of 2014, these two countries cemented themselves as the most popular summer destinations for tourists from the British Isles, with each contributing two locations to the survey’s Top 5.

Of these two nations, the United States had the upper hand where results for this study were concerned, grabbing the top two spots in the countdown. Orlando, famous for theme parks such as Disneyland, came in first, cementing this leadership by appearing on the Top 5 for seven out of the 20 airports. Perennial favourite New York (present in the Top 5 for 13 of the 20 airports analysed) nabbed the runner-up spot, with two other mainstays – the Spanish resorts of Malaga and Alicante – just edging out holidays to Dalaman to take third and fourth place, respectively.

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