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The World’s Only Luggage to be Tracked by Smartphone is Open for Indiegogo Funding

Riga, Latvia, July 22, 2014: Michael Konas is the founder of the Konas Luggage Company who announces an Indiegogo campaign for the development and production of Konas bags and suitcases that can be tracked by a Smartphone. The campaign was started on July 10, 2014, with a goal of raising $300,000. The campaign is ending on August 11, 2014 and Michael is inviting donors to contribute for the success of the project. 

Michael maintains that it is one-of-its kind project that will provide an additional layer of security to one's baggage. The idea of developing such an innovative baggage system came to his mind when he and his wife lost their baggage while on a holiday. Speaking about the project, he states, "People will now remain connected with their bags and suitcases through their Smartphones. Then there will be little chance of missing them." 

A donor can take advantage of their early bird offer and will receive the full set of baggage for a contribution of $700. However, one can start contributing to a minimum $1. They have different sets of rewards for the contributors to the project. For example, one can receive an ultra-light backpack for a contribution of $65, while a contribution of $115 will qualify for a Konas Gear 35 bag. The best part of the project is that contributors can become a Konas retailer by contributing an amount of $7,000 to the project. The contributor will receive full tracking on the items to be sold in the retail. This could be a great opportunity to enter a retail business of bags, suitcases and other items. 

According to Michael, his team has worked hard to help develop such a smart product that modern consumers will always appreciate to carry with them. The ability to track the bags will ensure a peace of mind and one will enjoy his/her holiday or journey, without bothering about losing the luggage. This is the reason why he is confident to gather the desired funding to start the production of the product and offering it to the modern consumers. One can learn more about the project or can make contributions by visiting the link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/konas-the-world-s-only-luggage-you-can-track-with-your-smartphone#home/share

About Konas Bags: 

Konas started as a small leather artesian company in Riga, Latvia. The company focuses on delivering very high quality bags, luggage and shoes. The company is now in the process of developing the tracking device and the application for any smart device so that one will never, ever lose his/her luggage again. 

For Media Contact:
Email: info@konasbags.com
Website: http://www.konasbags.com

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