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Indiegogo Campaign Seeks Funding For Revolutionary Chopsticks

22 July, 2014: Yuan Design – the Taiwan-based lifestyle design company – has launched a funding campaign to make their revolutionary product, PenstiX, see light of day. The campaign page at Indiegogo can be viewed here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/penstix-the-revolutionary-eco-friendly-chopsticks

Yuan Design seeks $12,000 in funding to commence production of PenstiX.

PenstiX takes traditional chopsticks and converts them into sophisticated gadgets that offer immense practicality to consumers. Currently, 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are discarded around the world, with the potential to cause catastrophic environmental damage. PenstiX comes as a whiff of fresh air to food enthusiasts, offering an alternative solution that is long-lasting and eco-friendly.

PenstiX are compact and portable. They can be carried everywhere, whether it’s a restaurant, business trip or hike.

The creators at Yuan Design describe PenstiX as the next generation of chopsticks or Chopsticks 2.0. PenstiX is convenient to use and carry around. The biggest advantage offered by PenstiX is that it can be cleaned with ease and reused almost immediately.

Each PenstiX comes with a pair of full-length chopsticks that take only 12 seconds to assemble. This product features a tip lock design that ensures the chopsticks remain extended while in use. The product is completely safe for food consumption and has passed SGS International food safety standard testing.

A stylus is offered to those who use touch screen devices. PenstiX stylus comes with two tips (5.5 mm and 7 mm) that can be interchanged and used whenever required. PenstiX also comes with an add-on kit that will help new users learn how to use chopsticks. This kit features a silicone rubber that wraps around all kinds of chopsticks, allowing users to pick foods conveniently.

Those interested in the campaign can help by choosing from funding options ranging from $9 to $59. Yuan Design offers exciting perks with each funding option. For example, by donating $59, a donor will receive a special limited golden PenstiX.

The creators are confident PenstiX will take dining experiences to a whole new level.

About Yuan Design:

Yuan Design specializes in lifestyle designs, with a focus on crafting eco-friendly chopsticks. The company has developed several chopstick versions that are ready at production level. The goal is to have eco-friendly products that reduce burden on the environment.

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