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Acrobatics Show Could Interest Tourists Renting Menorca Villas In September

23 July, 2014: Local news portal Menorca al Dia reports that a popular and world-renowned acrobatics group will be returning to the island next September, in a show that could interest tourists renting Menorca villas during that period. 

The troupe in question, the 'Castellers de Villafranca', specialise in human pyramids, or 'castles' as they are also called. Over the course of the past several years, they have taken their talents (and traditional green shirts) all over the world, offering public exhibitions in such places as the London South Bank, as well as taking part in dedicated international championships. The upcoming show sees them return to the Balearic island for the first time in three years, and should therefore constitute a motive of interest for both local fans of acrobatics and tourists renting Menorca villas wanting to experience the magic of the group's performance first-hand. 

The mini-tour in question, actually a series of three performances, is to take place between September 7 and September 9, in different locations across Menorca. The September 7 show will take place at Es Mercadal, the September 8 performance will be at Son Parc, and on September 9 the group will be one of the attractions to perform at the harbour party in the capital, Mahon. Any or all of these performances will therefore constitute an excellent opportunity for locals and tourists staying in Menorca villas to learn a little more about the troupe. 

This three-day tour of the Balearic island is expected to involve the participation of upwards of 180 people. Other than the members of the group actually tasked with building the stack-up portion of the 'castle', this number will also include parties in charge of spotting or maintaining the balance of the pyramid, which may prove crucial to the success of this performance by the 'Castellers de Villafranca'. 

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