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‘Fixer’ Advises Reader On Contracting Family Travel Insurance

25 July, 2014: AOL Money’s Q&A specialist, known only as ‘The Fixer’, has recently replied to a query from a reader requiring the necessity of contracting family travel insurance prior to a trip to Spain. 

The reader in question was preparing to take his family abroad for a two-week vacation, but expressed doubts about the need to contract family travel insurance, especially since his finances were under serious strain. The reader, who signed himself ‘D Sweet’, added that his wife had been pushing for him to contract a holiday policy, but that he was reluctant to do so and did not see the point of doing so, particularly since the trip was being organized by a specialised operator. 

The anonymous specialist replied by stating that family travel insurance was absolutely essential when going abroad, and backed up this claim with a few hard facts. They mentioned, for instance, that a single day’s worth of treatment at a Spanish hospital could set a holidaymaker back upwards of £1600, not to mention the costs associated with losing one’s baggage or having it stolen while on an uninsured holiday abroad. The cost of cancelling an uninsured trip was also brought up by ‘The Fixer’ when arguing the need to obtain an insurance cover plan prior to travelling. 

The specialist went on to recommend the purchase of a single-trip policy rather than an annual plan, based on the short duration of the trip and the fact that this type of insurance tends to be more prone to deals and reductions, allowing travellers to save money. 

In addition to stressing the need to take out family travel insurance, ‘The Fixer’ also recommended that the family get EHICs (European Health Insurance Cards). These are free and provide tourists with a large range of healthcare coverage throughout Europe, something which can definitely come in handy when taking a holiday abroad. 

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