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Freddie and Sebbie Removable Car Sun Shade Will Block The Sun in Any Vehicle!

26 July, 2014: Tired of children, or adults, complaining about the sun coming in through a car window? Block the sun with a Deluxe Car Sun Shade removable shade from Freddie and Sebbie. 

These double layer mesh screens can be seen through but still provide a scum screen rating of UPF 30+. This blocks out UV rays as well as keeping out the glare of the sun to cut the heat. 

“Adults and children old enough to speak and understand the difference between hot and cold can tell you if the sun is too much. Babies and children who haven’t mastered speech yet can’t tell you. They may be too hot and have no way to letting you know,” said Freddie and Sebbie spokesman Neil Speight. “Little ones also don’t know about sunburn. Block the sun, protect their skin and keep them from overheating with a window screen.” 

The shade attaches to a window with or without included suction cups. It is designed and shaped to fit the windows of most vehicles. It will easily attach to the windshields and side windows. It can be positioned as needed to maximize the protection. 

“These screens are rectangles. We settled on the four-sided shape because most vehicle windows are four-sides, not round. We wanted a rectangle because that lets you position it to block the sun more effectively than a square. The rectangle shape fits most windows better,” Speight said. 

Each shade is 19.5 inches by 12 inches. The frame is heavy-duty with a reinforced wirer frame for years of service. The Deluxe Car Sun Shade is sold in two packs with a luxury black car sun shade pouch for easy storage when the screens are not in use. The screen pops into shape when it is time to block the sun. 

“We believe in making Freddie and Sebbie products durable because we know children are going to test their environment. Kids can be destructive because they are still learning what happens when they do something. They are just learning and not being malicious,” Speight said. 

The Deluxe Car Sun Shade is the newest of the Freddie and Sebbie children’s products. The current product line has many fans as evidenced by the feedback and customer reviews on Amazon. Speight said that tells the true worth of the products. When the buyers post reviews to Amazon, future customers can get accurate information about the items. 

“We encourage you to look at our other products and what people have to say. Our manufacturing process is held to a high standard, which means we sell quality products,” he said. “Check the reviews and see.” 

The Deluxe Car Sun Shade carries the Freddie and Sebbie lifetime replacement warranty. If it ever breaks or tears for whatever reason, send it back for a free replacement. 

For more information about the Freddie and Sebbie line of children’s accessories and vehicle protection devices, visit http://freddieandsebbie.com/ . For more information or ordering information on the Deluxe Car Sun Shade and how it will block the sun, visit - http://www.amazon.com/Car-Sun-Shade-Windshield-Investment/dp/B00LFNONX6/ 

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