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E-Redwood Bridges offers Garden Bridges with the finest Quality

31 July, 2014: Redwood Garden Bridges are one such feature that lends not only creativity to your garden, but also shows your sense of appreciation towards architectural skills that go into building one. Contrary to the popular belief, garden bridges are ideal for any garden size and can be custom-made to suit virtually any kind of requirements specified by the owner of the home. You can make the unique features of your garden more exquisite and attractive. For instance, small ponds in the garden can have pond bridges to make it easily accessible.

A Redwood water garden bridges give a unique look and style to the most visible feature in your home Landscaping. Just add some pebbles to the water feature and watch the clear waters shimmying over the pebbles from the water garden bridge for a breathtaking view.

For best results, consider custom-made garden bridges for effective garden treatment. It's common for people to add their own creativity in the gardens. Therefore, at times, readymade garden bridges may not be available for the specific measurements. In such a scenario, just call a garden bridge expert to take the measurements and build bridge according to your requirements.

It's not essential that you need to have water feature for a garden bridge. Even in the absence of any water body in the garden, water garden bridges spell an excellent mirage effect on the onlookers and visitors. Any land area with certain amount of depression - natural or manmade - can be made to look like a dry riverbed where water once flowed. This can have illusory impact on the admirers and the family members.

The posts and rails lend an identity to the garden bridges. Thus, it makes sense to choose the posts and rails that complement the overall theme of your garden. Rope rails, wooden rails, or Curved rails, and solar lights are the common options you have, but it's the design that is a decisive factor in making your garden bridge stand out.

The weight holding capacity of the bridges, especially pond bridges, should also be verified with the garden bridge builder. Ideally, your garden bridge should be easily able to support the weight several people at the same time , between 550-800 lbs, as water garden bridges also serve the purpose of connecting the land across the water bodies, besides being ornate features.

Make sure your garden bridge builder prepares a weather resistant bridge. Ideally, the wood or plastic should be treated with chemicals to keep stains, rust and fade away from the effects of weather phenomenon at bay. And finally, make sure the Caftsman is an expert in building garden bridges at a affordable cost.

At www.ERedwoodBridges.com, you'll find Redwood foot bridges, Japanese foot garden bridges, and 3-foot-wide garden bridges, from 4 to 40 feet long, in plank, single and double rail, spindle rail, picket, and half-picket styles. There's also a selection of maintenance-free wood and vinyl bridges from 3 to 6 feet wide, and 4 to 16 feet long. For the ultimate in visual effects, Look at the Solar lights.

To see all of the breath-taking bridges, go to www.ERedwoodBridges.com.

To contact one of their customer service professionals or design consultants, or to have a bridge customized, call 559-325-2597, or e-mail info@redwoodgardenbridges.com.

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