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Run to reduce weight

01, September 2014: You will get better and faster slimming results if you do some exercises when taking Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel, running is a good exercise but how to run? Following some advises for better effect.

1. Run with empty stomach

The fat will be burn at the outset if you do exercise with empty stomachs, especially jogging before breakfast in the morning can help you burn fat more efficiently, however, if you control your diet too strict, you will be soon tired when running, so make sure you have a balanced diet in daily life, don’t force yourself too much.

2. Do 10 minutes or so muscle exercise before running

Giving muscle stimulation before running can improve fat combustion efficiency . After the muscle movement, the body secretes growth hormone which can make the body lipase increased to burn your fat more efficiently. Do squats or abdominal movement etc 10 minutes or so will be very effective.

Although it may be a bit tiring, doing it till you are going to pant can improve fat burning effect of the following aerobic exercise. Have a little rest after finishing muscle exercise and then run, the fat will burn very quickly.

3. Run at a suitable speed

Run faster can not burn fat more quickly, it is very important to provide sufficient oxygen to the muscles and blood to burn fat. Therefore, take a suitable speed would be more effective.

4. Run at least 20 minutes

The energy consumed within 20 minutes of the start of running is sugar rather than fat, 20 minutes later, the large amount of fat is consumed, and therefore if you want to burn fat, run more than 20 minutes with a suitable speed is very important.

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