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New Retailer Revolutionizes Online Shopping

Mesa, Arizona; 03, September 2014: Shoppers who are looking for something different in the world of online marketplaces are falling in love with a new web retailer. SomethingToMe.com is an online retailer like no other, offering a fun twist that customers can’t resist.

When customers purchase an item from SomethingToMe.com, they don’t know what they are buying. This exciting concept allows customers to pay just $10 and receive an item of greater value. Customers spend a few dollars and revel in excitement when they open their new gift. High-profile items from SomethingToMe.com include iPads, kitchen appliances, 4G cell phones, supplements, and much more.

SomethingToMe.com understands that some customers might feel apprehensive about “blindly” ordering an item, and potentially receiving an item valued at less than $10. To curb this worry, SomethingToMe.com offers a solid guarantee. Customers will always receive an item worth more than $10, and if a customer finds their item elsewhere at less than $10, they will be refunded the difference.

Customers are enjoying the revolutionary new shopping experience presented by SomethingToMe.com. One recent customer said, “I never thought it would be possible to get a brand new iPad for $10; I will buy lots more things! Very satisfied.”

More information can be found at www.somethingtome.com

About SomethingtoMe.com:

SomethingtoMe.com adds a fresh new spin to online shopping, adding a never before seen element of surprise to each order. Each surprise is brand new, never used or refurbished, and worth more than the $10 cost to the customer. Dedicated to providing a fun online shopping experience, SomethingToMe.com ships everything from jewelry to high-tech gadgets.

For Media Contact:
Zachary Stradling, Owner
Something To Me, LLC
P.O. Box 13217
Mesa, AZ 85216
E-mail: info@somethingtome.com
Website: www.somethingtome.com

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