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Designer Mirri Damer will be just one of the new talents exhibiting at The 31st Goldsmiths’ Fair.

03, September 2014: The Goldsmiths' Fair's annual selling and showcase event of jewellery designers is set to return in its 31st year to the Goldsmiths'' Hall in London in September. The event which will run for two weeks into October is known as the largest event of its kind in Europe and attracts several thousands of visitors each year. This year, of the 170 designers invited to participate will be some new names such as Mirri Damer

The Goldsmiths' Fair organisers said in a statement that: "Its enduring popularity is due to the fact that the Fair is all about originality and individuality. Each of the designer-makers is an artist; they don't slavishly follow fashion or pander to trends. What matters to them is expressing their own unique creativity and making beautiful pieces – be it jewellery or silver for the home. The Fair represents the antithesis of mass-production. Instead talent, artistry and craftsmanship abound and every individual style, personality or preference can be accommodated be it classic or modern, bold or demure." 

This year's Fair is marked by the appearance of a number of newcomers to the event. Award-winning designer Hannah Martin and other names such as Mirri Damer and Rebecca de Quin will be exhibiting their collections for the first time. Some of these first-time exhibitors such as jewellery brand Robinson Pelham will be using the show to launch new collections in addition to showcasing their previous work. 

The Goldsmiths' Fair is internationally recognised as the premier event in the UK showcasing the finest contemporary designer jewellery and silver. The Fair, which is also a luxury shopping event, will run from September 22th to October 5th at the Goldsmiths' Hall in London. 

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