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Pakar SEO Syamsul Alam Launches New Online Marketing Services to Public

05, September 2014: Syamsul Alam, a local marketing celebrity in Indonesia, is proud to announce his new online marketing services to public that used to be available only to selected few of his clients. His latest internet advertising service called Lusmo Digital was launched last September 3, 2014.

As an SEO expert, Syamsul Alam has excellent ideas on online marketing business. He is also a professional online business consultant who provides tips about creating sites and maintenance. With his wide knowledge about the field, he already knew how to meet the needs of his clients. Unlike others, he ranks sites through the use of effective and safe methods.

With various questions from his subscribers and fans about online SEO and marketing, Syamsul Alam decides to launch his new online marketing business. In fact, he is known in neighbourhood as master in online marketing and visibility, particularly in social media and marketing. He launches his business by making review contest that open to all of his fans and subscribers. The winners will get coupon which can be used to order some of his service.

Pakar SEO Syamsul Alam services are not the usual one. Most of his services are effective not only to boost the ranking page of his clients, but also perfect for increasing his client’s online visibility. Through this, Syamsul Alam is certain that he can of great help to reach businessmen’s main objective – to catch the attention of their targeted customers and earn more cash.

As expected, more and more people are excited to deal with Pakar SEO Syamsul Alam. With his wide expertise in the field, his clients are confident that he can be their main key to reach their desired success.

Syamsul Alam is committed to providing the best services to his clients. This makes him not just a reliable, but also an exceptional one. Upon contacting him, his clients expect for the best and effective SEO services.

If you want to know more about Pakar SEO Syamsul Alam or his services, you are free to visit his official website at http://lusmodigital.com/. For inquiries, send your questions at http://lusmodigital.com/kontak-kami/ or dial 0878-8533-5532. You can also visit his main office at Ruko Graha Anggrek Mas A-50, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

For Media Contact:
Company: Lusmo Digital
Contact: Syamsul Alam
Address: Ruko Graha Anggrek Mas A-50,
Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Contact No.: 0878-8533-5532
Website: http://lusmodigital.com/

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