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Stress – It’s Not A Disease, It’s A Dis-ease

08, September 2014: Even the over 65s are being affected by stress. So many are completely overwhelmed by 21st centuary technology, others are having to overcome busted families, and a huge majority are having financial difficulties, frequently resulting from their own children's problems to survive in the present economic conditions. When I asked international speaker Andy Shaw for some guidance for people trying to cope with stress, he stated ... "As you understand, on the planet we reside in today, there are ever enhancing methods to interact and ever enhancing varieties of individuals wishing to contact us, not to mention the eternal pressures to head out and earn cash to purchase stuff, means we are all working increasingly more. Typically both husbands and wives work, otherwise they might not have things ... So stress develops and this is simply one of the many reasons why less and less people are marrying but the divorce rate does not decrease ... Which means naturally that it is increasing.

Dealing with stress

Andy continued by saying "stress is everywhere, and people make a fortune selling ways to manage your stress or how to alleviate stress ... And naturally medication does its bit to give you tablets to assist you feel less stressed, but have you ever asked yourself why can it not be healed ...? Well obviously it can however there is no money in the cure, There's cash in controlling stress ... So exactly what I'm providing is the remedy as life is far too brief to live life so stressed. And besides, there's far more delightful methods for me to earn money than by offering ways to regulate stress. So I'll simply provide you the cure instead. Stress is not its own entity; it is not a disease but a dis-ease. Stress is just something we develop ourselves in our minds. Yes, we are the developers of the headache we reside in. In doing this we do not live well as we damage our own wellness. But stress is just a selection ..." 

So I then asked Andy the final punch question regarding those 3 magic words that would assist relieve stress, and he addressed ... "I know this may sound really easy however you can decide to not be stressed. First, ACCEPT exactly what is ... so whatever has occurred, whatever you have actually brought into your life, and whatever you believe you haven't, have in truth all taken place. The past can not be altered, so you just simply accept exactly what is. In doing this you are eliminating the strength of anything the past can do to you. The past can just harm you naturally if you allow it to. If you do not enable it to then it can do you no harm at all. So accept what is, as it can not be altered." 

He advanced to discuss the second magic word ... "then, SURRENDER to whatever is going to take place. This is you accepting that whatever will occur will work out advantageous for you ... Even if it appears like it will certainly be bad at the time. We've all had things occur which felt bad at the time and afterwards turned out to be the best thing. Well just accept that things will constantly exercise for the best. This does not imply you can not work faithfully to preventing what you don't wish to happen. It just means that if it does occur then you will certainly accept it then. Until it does, you will certainly do all you can to avoid it but you are simply not emotionally connected to it. Accessory causes stress. By doing this it enables you to surrender to it and it frees you from the stress you produced." 

I thanked Andy, who concluded by stating "And lastly simply be where you are. LIVE NOW, recognize that you are the developer of your stress, so merely decide that you will live now in this minute. As you do this you will certainly hear your mind fighting with you. Listen to the madness of it wanting to discover methods to get you to hang on to your stress." Andy then stated that as a means to prove this to any individual concerned that he wanted to advise they today stop what they are doing and go and read the first 5 complimentary chapters of his book "Creating A Bug Free Mind." This mind changing system has actually succeeded in over 110 countries. 

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