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iPhone 5 Jogging Armband Company NeoSleeve To Offer Free Book

10, September 2014: Sports armband maker NeoSleeve today announced that it has partnered with health and fitness author Benjamin Marks to offer a digital copy of his recently published book, Run Yourself Fit, as a free download when customers purchase a new NeoSleeve iPhone 5s jogging case

Benjamin Marks

Marks' new book is targeted at those seeking to increase or maintain their fitness and those who wish to simply lose weight. Marks claims running is a promising solution for poor fitness and within his book highlights the path to becoming a runner, how to build fitness, and how one can ultimately shape their physique to meet their ideals. The new book also outlines a beginner's running plan, the runner's diet, a guide to selecting appropriate running gear, and optional extras one can use to measure performance and enhance their experience of running. 

Marks, 34 years old, is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After growing up suffering from weight and self-image issues, particularly in his high school years, Marks chose to commit himself to the path to weight-loss and building his ideal body. After years of trial and error of fad diets and suspicious workout techniques, Marks found running to be what he claims is the "unbeatable exercise" when it comes to weight-loss – and an exercise for which most people are quite well-equipped. When questioned about his new book, Marks praised running as a seamless solution: "It doesn’t take any training or special skill. Running is perfect because you just get up, put your shoes on, and go." 

Marks partnered with NeoSleeve after befriending the company’s founder in 2012 through mutual friends, while on holiday in Australia. When asked of the partnership, Marks claims the interests of both himself and NeoSleeve are in sync, as the free book offer is expected to grant Marks a sizeable amount of much-desired exposure as a new author. Meanwhile NeoSleeve itself will have a niche-focused incentive for customers to choose their armband product instead of that of its competitors. 

It is anticipated that Marks’ new book will come under some scrutiny, as many of his concepts are relatively new and not yet mainstream teachings in the world today. Marks argues that the philosophies discussed within his book are not, however, made on a whim – as all are backed up with scientific reasoning. 

NeoSleeve has assured that its customers will be able to download the ebook in Amazon's Kindle format, as well as the standard PDF file type. The ebook will therefore be accessible on a vast array of devices. 

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