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Virtual Electronic School Tours Nab Emmy For American Team

10, September 2014: A five-man team of screenwriters and producers from Virginia, USA, has been awarded an Emmy for their work in a series of electronic school tours aimed at preparatory school students, a local news source reports. 

These electronic school tours were presented in the form of a television programme, premiering in March of 2013 and still ongoing. Broadcasting across the United States through a variety of channels – including cable television, public access television and streaming – this show, dubbed ‘The Global Economy’, aims to educate children between Year 4 and Year 8 on the complexities of 18th century trade protocol, which predated and eventually originated the present-day global economy. In addition to tackling this complex subject, the programme – which uses puppetry to convey its message – also broaches socio-economical issues from the period, as well as referencing historical events taking place during the series’ time span. 

Perhaps the show’s most innovative feature is its way of letting viewers interact with the team behind the adventures of Maggie the Rat and her friends. While the programme’s educational materials have been developed by a team of expert educators, museum staffers, historians, children and adults watching the show are still encouraged to add to the information database or point out mistakes; for this purpose, they can either use specially designed Twitter hashtags or participate in the Instant Feedback poll. Members subscribed to the History Educational Resources Online service (HERO) may also input feedback through e-mail, telephone, or on the website’s message boards. 

The five-man team in charge of making ‘The Global Economy’ a reality collected their Emmys last month, in an especially held ceremony in Silver Spring, in the state of Maryland. Awards were attributed to the two directors (one of whom doubles as an editor), as well as to a producer, the director of photography, the sound recorder and a freelance scriptwriter involved with the project. 

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