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MyForce offers security back up in emergency situations

United States of America, 17, September 2014: Parents often worry about the safety of their children who return late at night. Due to an unfortunate rise in crimes, the number of criminals has also gone up. Worrying doesn’t reduce the possibility of dangers, one need to ensure that they have proper backup for emergency situations. It may be impossible to avoid dangers but prior preparations could be right way to counter them. MyForce is a mobile application created to address similar safety issues. Walking all alone at night or entering unfamiliar or unprotected areas would be safer by using MyForce. Alert button should be ready at disposal in case a crisis arises. It is a product of technology which is being moulded and squeezed to find a solution for every challenge.

The mobile application as mentioned by crowdfunder website gives the worrisome parents a peace of mind. MyForce since its inception is giving protection to a broad demographic subscribers including men and women. It used by people of almost all ages primarily ranging from 8 to 81 years. The application should be integrated into the mobile phones easily. Alert signals can be given in case the user encounters an unnatural situation that threatens his or her personal security. Monitoring centres are well equipped to get help as early as possible. They are instantaneously aware of identity, location and intensity of the event. This service can also function at schools and colleges. On campus security programs, it would help the law enforcers to receive and actively respond to the triggered alerts.

The alerts received by the mobile security services are handled by a team of trained professional experts. Often they are experienced enough to act as the personal advocate of the subscribers throughout the incident. These operators work in certified, licensed and registered central stations. The application is almost like a mobile bodyguard arming the user against the probable attacker or intruder. MyForce subscribers may cancel the accidental alerts. Monitoring personnel working on the other side validates and confirms every received alert. The application is compatible across various devices. It runs on Android devices, Blackberry phones and iPhones. Most of the carrier networks support it. Before investing in such application one must make sure that they have made a proper research and understand various aspects related to it. Thus, the application empowers the users to fight back challenges with few clicks. They should be more relieved to venture anywhere anytime knowing they have something to fall back.

About MyForce:


MyForce is a security application to send alerts for help in emergency situations. It is compatible with several mobile devices and carrier networks. The 24/7 running service is designed to rescue the subscribers irrespective of identity and location. Visit the website for more information.

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