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Buy Glass offers a vast range of fake designer eyewear

United States, 18, September 2014: Eyewear adds a certain glam quotient to a personality and not many can afford expensive designer eyewear to uplift their style factor. Buy Glass offers a huge range of fake designer brands on their website. Buyers can choose from thousands of products which they once dreamt of. Their online store www.buyglass.cc has updated eyewear collection which they keep stocking with new arrivals. The replicas of high class designer glasses are a genuine copied product. 

The fake designer eyeglasses look instant real and is tough to distinguish from the real. The various fake products cover many internationally renowned brands like Levi’s, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, etc. The company indulges the buyers to buy in excess numbers as the price is lower than the original. As a fact Buy Glass has made it possible for the people to own designer sunglass replicas which is of good quality. The designer eyewear section lists a number of products from spectacles to sunglasses with the brand name inscribed. The brand name can be selected from under the brand section and wide range of optics can be viewed. 

The Buy Glass website also sells prescription sunglasses. The buyers can select from a varied extension of quality prescription lenses and spectacles. Each specific lens has its own feature and can be fit on any rims of spectacles. The prescription eyewear they offer is mostly photochromic lens suiting both men and women. The buyers can also choose the thickness of the glass and its color for various purposes. The glasses also come with UV-ray protection effect protecting the eyes from the scorching sun. In addition the company also provides in designing lenses as desired by the customer. 

Buyers can also indulge themselves from a vast category of sport glasses. The sport eyewear is made with impact resistance fiber. The goggles can be tried by runners or swimmers. Professional skiing and basketball can also be played wearing the glasses to prevent eye damage. The tough material comes with UV protection and removable nostrils as per comfort. The frames come with a wrap-up band and are very easy to clean. Plus the glasses are non corrosive and generate standard softness on the ears and nose making it very light to wear. 

About Buy Glass: 

Website: http://www.buyglass.cc/

Buy Glass is a leading online store selling high quality replicas of designer sunglasses. Moreover they also stock high quality sports eyewear that is durable and affordable. They also deal in prescription lenses and customize the lens size and shape. They also ship their products to wholesale distributors who seek good and affordable items. Their website has lots of products with special offers on many categories. Interested customers can view their site www.buyglass.cc or email: e-fifthavenue@hotmail.com. 

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