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Thunder-link.com offers optical transmission products from Huawei

Hong Kong, 18, September 2014: Huawei is one of the leading companies which has a vast range of products on offer. The company caters to a range of consumer as well as institutional needs across the planet. With its ever growing needs and demands, the company has been increasing its supplier power and cater to a larger customer base. One element which is widely used in the market is of the optical transmission. The company has excelled to offer different kinds of products in this range. The company has a few suppliers of this products who are authorized to sell them to the customers. One company which is based in Hong Kong and specializes in supply of Huawei manufactured products is Thunder-Link.com. 

The company was formed by an ex-employee of Huawei who has been in the industry for more than 3 years. His rich experience and reputation has been one of the drivers to the success of the supplies featured on the website. They include integration vantage resources, Huawei Metro series, Huawei OSN Series MSTP, Huawei OSN Series, Huawei ATN/PTN Series equipment, accessories and modules. Customers may compare the products from other suppliers and find that the products on the website is competitive and backed by fast delivery as well as the tag of originality. Being a professional Huawei Optical Transmission product supplier, the company devotes its efforts for meeting the needs of its clients and back it up with effective pre and after sale services. 

As an effort to offer effective products the company sells only new products and maintains its own stock. However, for customers who wish to get refurbished or used goods, they can get in touch with the company. To view the range of products they supply, customers can check the website. It lists all the products along with their details on the website. So for all kinds of Transmission network products manufactured by Huawei, Thunder-link.com is the answer. To make their services reliable, the company offers its products with quality guarantee. Before sending the products, the quality team checks the orders during the packing stage. All measures and standard check procedures are practiced which includes use of right accessories and adaptors. 

The warranty period for each supplied good is 12 month. Moreover, the company ships the products to its customers across the world by the popular shipping service providers. 

About Thunder-link.com: 


Thunder-Link.com is a leading supplier of optical transmission products manufactured by Huawei. The company is based in Hong Kong and offers its products to customers across the world. In order to know more about their products and order online, the customers can check their website. The company is formed by an ex-employee of Huawei and has a rich experience of supplying these products. 

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