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Mistakes that may destroy your slimming plan

20, September 2014: 

Below will share some mistakes which may destroy your slimming plan to remind the obesity. 

Relying on a diet solely 

Simple diet, Only let you see results in weight loss before three days, But soon you will be a painful experience and low self-esteem because, Even overeating. More importantly, After the diet your body will adapt to lower basal metabolic rate, In other words, is an empty white hungry, 

Fat will not consumed. Should adhere to proper diet to reduce appetite spirit, Maintain the principle of balanced nutrition! 

Refused breakfast 

Some sororities in order to reduce total daily calorie intake and give up breakfast, In fact this practice is contrary to the original intention of losing weight. Lack of breakfast makes you lethargic throughout the morning, Even irrational casually looking for food, In this case, the snack may actually cause more calories! Have conclusive evidence that Meal rich in content, adequate protein breakfast. Not only does not cause obesity, but also allows you to better control weight ~ 

Snacks should have a choice 

Sometimes also a good snacking habits, For example, morning, afternoon proper eating snacks, 

Allowing more energetic, Metabolism will speed up, Instead, helps to maintain body weight. The best snacks should be those low-fat high-protein foods, Such as pistachios, almonds, dried fruit these foods, Fiber-rich dried fruit make you poop more open. 

Too believe that "low-fat food." 

First you must understand the two concepts, First, fat-free does not mean low-fat foods, Secondly, the carbohydrate content of low-fat foods are not necessarily low, That does not necessarily low calorie. The most important thing, many people think, Low-fat foods low in calories, eat a little okay. In fact, heat 3 is also a lot of low-fat cake, It would give you consume more calories. Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen is also a good choice to help you. 

Insufficient water intake 

Many people worry that a lot of water will make fat cells full of water, The cause weight gain. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, Water is an important raw material metabolism and calorie burning, If the body of water shortage, Metabolic rate naturally fall, Energy consumption will be reduced. Instead, drink plenty of water every day, Better able to help burn fat, Especially before meals, drink water can increase satiety. If you take Bee Pollen diet pills, then remember to take enough water to feel better. 

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