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Parents Debate The Rear-Facing Child Safety Seat Position

22, September 2014: US laws make it compulsory for babies under 12 months to be seated in a rear-facing safety seat, whereby some safety seat producers are now advising infants to stay rear-facing up until they are 2, as well as advising kids to reach the height of 4'9" before switching to a seat-belt. Parents are now left with making the challenging decision of choosing the right time when it comes to protecting babies and children in the back of the automobile. 

Freddie and Sebbie™

Janet Moore, a mommy of 2 from Texas states... "I certainly want my 18 month child to be as safe as possible while sat in the back of the vehicle, so will most likely wait til he reaches 2 or even 3 years of age til he starts facing forward, and afterwards wait til he reaches the recommended height before getting rid of the safety seat for good."

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Another mother from New York, Joan Whiting says... "My infant girl is just 9 months old, so is still seated rear-facing. I have to say I can not wait til she reaches her 1st birthday, so I can switch the seat round, and finally have the ability to see my baby sat in the back. I truly suffer a lot when she starts to cry, when I just can't see what the trouble is, so although I am a really security aware mommy, I won't be following these recommendations when the time comes." 

On numerous moms online forums, one basic concern is the reality of parents not being able to see a baby in a rear-facing car seat, and one man who is aware of that is Nevada based business co-owner, Mr Neil Speight, who states that he also experienced the very same issue with his 2 baby twins Freddie and Sebbie. He described how he set out to deal with the issue, and said... "It suddenly struck me that by putting a mirror in the back of the automobile, I could position it to see my twins via my motorists mirror, and the issue would be solved" 

Neil then discussed how his child accessory company, fittingly called "Freddie and Sebbie," went on to produce the ideal solution enabling moms and dads to leave their young kids in a rear-facing position for as long as they chose to, as they 'd now be visible at all times. He then went on to explain a bit about their latest item, and stated... "The luxury rear mirror has been created by our design team to fit the majority of automobiles, while made to the greatest requirements in quality, safety and reliability. There's no chance of 7 years misfortune with this mirror breaking, as it has been made from shatter proof glass. It's quite simple to install this 360-degree adjustable mirror, which rotates and pivots to obtain that best viewing angle." 

Neil concluding by saying that the luxury back seat mirror has been both tested and recommended by American parents, and that it has a "Freddie and Sebbie" lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee. The Freddie and Sebbie backseat mirror is exclusively offered on Amazon. 

The full specifications for their deluxe back seat mirror can be seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Back-Seat-Mirror-Concentrate-Rear-Facing/dp/B00NIU69SQ/ 

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