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CASA Capital Group Makes Its Mark On International Investment

24, September 2014: Real Estate Investment firm CASA Capital Group has been drawing attention from investors across the world. Launching a unique investment platform for international investors, its latest move has been heralded as a ‘game changer’ for international investors.

The firm has taken a collaborative approach to its projects, for the first time allowing investors to take part in their investment projects at the development level. Chief Investment Officer, Lachlan McPherson says: “We aim to give our investors that platform to invest at a level they otherwise would not have the opportunity or capacity to invest". CASA also touts itself as investing alongside its clients, making it a ‘one-for-all’ type of situation. McPherson says “I don’t see the value in charging huge commissions and profiting as a developer before your clients have made a profit. When my clients make money, I make money. -That’s the way it should be and that’s what’s wrong with this industry today."

CASA’s Flagship Pinehurst development is located in Houston, Texas and consists of 121 acres of land for development. The Pinehurst team will be responsible for establishing housing infrastructure, with 100% of the developed infrastructure already pre-sold to American homebuilders. The development is located in close proximity to a new site for Exxon Mobil, in one of Houston’s fastest growing regions and is set to profit a whopping $17 million. Mr. McPherson states: “Initially we set our net-profit target at just $12 million. Since this time, everything has fallen into place and we’re now 100% pre-sold to some of the state’s largest builders. Its an excellent result and one that our investors are extremely happy about."

This appears to be just the beginning for CASA Capital Group and its development operation. They now have more than 12 developments in the pipeline and a growing team of active investors. To learn more about CASA Capital Group and the Pinehurst Development, visit www.casacapitalgroup.com

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