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Asart provides genuine Asian arts

United Kingdom, 24, September 2014: Fine arts has long been a medium of expression. Like languages and other modes of cultural representation have developed through the ages, Asian art has thrived too. The contemporary South East Asian art is evidence that the inheritors of the talent and learners of the skill have been doing everything that they can to nurture it. Fine modern Asian art is the graphical counterpart of literature. Original artworks are precious cultural gifts and deserve to be preserved for ages to come. That is why Asart has assumed the responsibility to introducing South East Asian art to the western world, that is, Europe and the Americas. 

Asart is the hub of modern South East Asian art as well as classic. It sources artwork such as sculptures and painting from original and indigenous artists in Australasia, Southeast Asia, the Far East, and Maritime Southeast Asia. It has more than 3 decades of experience in modern Asian investment art. It operates under the direction of Anthony Smith, who is gifted the rare ability of connoisseurship and judgement on Asian art in London. Asart introduces new artworks from Asia to the international audience through major art exhibitions and fairs that are held annually. Through Asart and under the patriotism of Smith, Asian contemporary art continues to enjoy exposure that it deserves. 

South East investment Asian art needs to be verified and scrutinised by expert and independent curators like those working at Asart to promote Asian wall art throughout the world. Asart acquires artworks directly from the original artists after satisfactory verification and scrutiny. The aim of Asart is to develop Asian art London collections for its clients rather than expand accumulation of investment art. The company has extensive network of international dealers and artists, has tertiary qualification in fine arts and has ample experience to provide the best contemporary Asian art to clients in the Americas, Europe and anywhere in the world. The kind of artwork that Asart sources is evident from the award that it received from the Chinese Ministry of Culture for the Most Influential Gallery at the Beijing International Art Exposition in 2011. 

Art investment is an art itself, and not all can master it. This very need for expert moderation is the driving force of Asart, the website of which has specimen of Asian investment art that one can expect from the global arts-promotion company. Australian indigenous artworks, which have roots dating to 40,000 years ago, sourced by Asart are viable alternative to South East Asian investment art

About Asart: 

Website: www.asart.com 

Asart is an arts-oriented company with more than 30 years of experience in sourcing genuine artworks from different parts of Asia. It exhibits only genuine artworks by real artists in Asia and Australasia. It has received an award for its adherence to authenticity in fine arts.

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