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Creators of Flare Motion Sensor Light Seek to Raise $5,000 in Funding Through Indiegogo Campaign for Mass Production and Marketing

United States; 25, September 2014: The developers of Flare Motion Sensor Light are seeking to raise $5,000 in pledges through their Indiegogo campaign for marketing, promotion and distribution of their revolutionary new product. The campaign was launched on September 5 and will close on October 10, 2014. They have raised total $347 in pledges and are currently seeking support from backers and supporters to make this energy saving, eco-friendly concept soon become a reality.

Flare is an automatic, motion-sensing portable light source which is cheaper, easy to install and comes with a longer battery life that can last for a whole year. It is a latest concept that focuses on reduced electricity usage and a greener future. In other words, it has been designed in such a way that not only it works as a smarter alternative for traditional light sources, but also helps in saving a lot of money on electricity bills. Its smart motion detection sensor enables it to detect when someone is present and when they have left, allowing it to get on when somebody needs them and soon turn off immediately once the person has left. They are perfect for key areas and dark spaces where clear vision is necessary, such as closet, keyhole on the door, or even inside the handbags. Moreover, when it comes to external features and appearance they have quite an attractive design with classy look that will for sure enhance the overall aesthetic of a home. These lights will be available in two designs, “Flare arble” and “Flare Trio”.

Some of the key features of this product are:

• Highly affordable
• Motion Sensor
• Light Sensor
• Long Life
• Strong Light Source
• Ample Brightness
• Water Resistant
• Light and Portable

Supporters can make contributions ranging from a minimum of $9 to maximum $150. Though, the Flare lights have already been designed and are ready for distribution, the team needs funds for development, research, promotion, marketing and worldwide distribution of this product.

For more information, simply visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flare-motion-sensing-portable-light-source

About Flare Motion Sensor Light:

Flare Motion Sensor Light is a latest concept that has been designed to help people save energy and money on electricity bills. It is an environment friendly alternative to traditional light sources which can become a great move towards a greener world.

For Media Contact:
Flare Team
Crowdfunding: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flare-motion-sensing-portable-light-source

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