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The Characteristics of Legend Knight – The Best web-based RPG Game

29, September 2014:

Legend Knight

Legend Knight, a RPG, which presents a fantastic world, has landed formally in September. By fighting in the Semi-auto TBS web game, players can experience a wonderful world of sword and magic and kill the Evil Dragon to save compatriots, in order to bring freedom to the whole world. During the process, you can ride a cool Mount and upgrade the Dragon Soul to boost your Battle Rating. It is one of the best web-based rpg game in 2014.

The Legend Knight Mount

Mount has been not only a transportation tool but also a symbol of identity and status since ancient times. In Legend Knight, situation is the same.

Mounts in Legend Knight can not only provide you convenient transportation but also Stat Boosts. Moreover, they will have brand new looks by upgrading.

Best RPG Game

By training Mounts, you can get more Stat Boosts and unlock more mounts. As a brave knight, you must own a cool mount!

RPG Game

The Legend Knight Dragon Soul System

You can choose a Dragon Soul to upgrade in the Dragon Soul System.

Legend Knight Mount

Upgrading the Dragon Soul will bring you more Stat Boosts. In Multi-player Dungeon, you can also use exclusive skill of your Dragon Soul.

Legend Knight


Best RPG Game


RPG Game

What’s more, the Dragon Soul chosen by you will fight for you and attack your enemies in battles!

The Legend Knight Official Website: http://www.legendknight.com/

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