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World Best Import & Export comes up with various commercial printers

China, September 29, 2014: Graphics are a form of communicating message. They are more attractive and impressive upon mind than their textual counterparts. World Best Import & Export is a company that facilitates printing commercially. It is an import and export company engaged in retail and wholesale of printers manufactured by King Print Technology Company Limited. It sells wide range of printers such as UV coating machine, multifunction printer, special printer, LED UV Printer, desktop 3D printer, phone cover printer, plotter printer, T-shirt printer, hot stamping printer, transfer machine and other relevant devices. Since all the devices are manufactured and sold without intervention of any 3-party firm, the price of the equipment is reasonable. 

The LED UV printer manufactured by King Print Technology can be used to print embossed images with 6 colours, including white, which cannot be used with a normal flatbed printer . Flatbed printers cannot print in white except on textiles with textile ink, which are available in the market however. Unlike flatbed printers, LED UV printers can pose no limitation regarding the kind of material. Thus, one machine can be used to print on any material, and that too, without a pre-treatment of spray coating. However, scratches cannot remove the images easily even though they are printed without pre-treatment. Moreover, UV ink dries immediately, and thus, expedites the process of printing significantly. 

World Best Import & Export also sells multitude of flatbed printers, which come with specific set of advantages too. One of the types of a flatbed printer works with special solvent ink and is built with heat function. It is effective for printing directly on PU, PVC, PC, etc. These materials are dominantly used for making smartphone covers, that are growing in market share considerably. Therefore, printing enterprises have opportunity to exploit the trend of phone customisation. A phone cover printer is versatile to a considerable extent. It can be used to print business cards, PVC cards, ID cards, soft tpu phone case, hard phone case, etc. 

Printers as well as relevant devices and supplies sold at World Best Import & Export are good in quality. The research and development team at King Print Technology also do good work of making designs that are in appropriation with the requirement in commercial market. The company offers all its products at unbeatable price and has a team of trained professionals that are responsible for efficient customer service. Thus, the 2 companies take care of everything from production to support, making business convenient for clients. 

About World Best Import & Export Company Limited: 

Website: www.worldbestrading.com 

World Best Import & Export Company Limited is based in Silvercorp International Tower at Nathan Road in Hong Kong. The group of companies operate from Hengling at Minzhi Avenue in Baoan District of Shenzhen City. The group manufactures and sells a wide range of commercial printers.

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