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The Best web-based RPG Game In 2014 – Legend Knight – Guild

29, September 2014: Reach 32 level to unlock the function - Legend Knight 

1. Click on the Guild button. 

Legend Knight - Guild

2. Choose a side - Legend Knight

Legend Knight

3. Create or join a guild - Legend Knight

Legend Knight

4. You can get advantages after you join a guild - Legend Knight

Legend Knight

5. [Brave Game] - Legend Knight, The Best Web-based RPG Game in 2014 

After joining a guild, you can challenge Brave Game on a daily basis. Successful challenge rewards you great amount of EXP fruits, Golds and Bound Balens. If a guild member already cleared a Brave Game round, all the others could get powerful buff in fights.

Legend Knight

6. [Guild Plunder]
Recharging a certain amount unlocks the Guild Plunder. Successful challenge rewards you abundant Minerals, Golds and Ancient Shards.

Legend Knight

[Guild Dungeon]
Guild Dungeon unlocks at lvl 60, in which you could obtain Holy Weapons and materials for Holy Weapons enchanting and upgrading. Challenge more to unlock higher level chapters.

Legend Knight

The Legend Knight Official Website: http://www.legendknight.com/

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