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A Kickstarter Project Offers People Opportunity to Win Air Umbrella for FREE for Social Sharing

02, October 2014: Now, a cover-less umbrella can protect a person from the rain. The umbrella uses the air flow to keep the raindrops away and protects people from being wet. The amazing umbrella, called Air Umbrella is now gaining a huge attention on Kickstarter. One can simply contribute to popularize the product by sharing its Kickstarter campaign link on their Facebook and Twitter pages. For their contributions, people can get the umbrella for free. 

In the true sense, it is an Invisible Air Umbrella, as there is no visible cover, and one can see the stick only, which is several centimeters long. The project creators have two different versions of the umbrella, for male 50cm long and 800 gm in weight and for female 30 cm long and 500 gm in weight. The umbrella is designed based on the theory that moving air has a great energy and it can move away objects from its path. The umbrella thus releases air jets that dispel raindrops and creates a protective shield for a person carrying the umbrella. 

The creators of the umbrella have designed various types of air umbrellas along with Post Graduates of the Nanjing University in Aeronautics. These umbrellas have been tested to ensure their effectiveness to serve as the purpose of a Wind Shield to protect people from rain. After its successful performance, the umbrella has been posted on Kickstarter to create more awareness about the availability of this amazing product. 

However, the project creators believe that the umbrella needs more improvements to help achieve a more functional design. This is the reason why they have started a Kickstarter campaign. With the help of the contributions accumulated from the public, they will try to achieve a more sleek design, by reducing the bulginess of the top head. More importantly, they believe that the umbrella will soon very popular among the global populations. 

One can however never miss the opportunity of winning the umbrella for free by sharing the campaign link on their Facebook or Twitter, latest by 5th October, 2014. One can learn more about the umbrella by following the link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1243275397/air-umbrella

About Air Umbrella: 

Air Umbrella is an innovative product, which uses the air flow as a protective shield to protect users from rain. The invisible umbrella doesn’t have any type of cover on the top, but the jet of air protects people from raindrops. The umbrella is available on Kickstarter for creating awareness and generating funds to help improve its design.

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