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Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Ltd and Myles Haverluck Make Local Donations

04, October 2014: Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Ltd and Myles Haverluck are pleased to make donations to local causes. Recently they made donations for a golf club's cancer awareness day and to an important community fund to show their support for the community.

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Ltd and Myles Haverluck donated a picnic basket set with chairs and a blanket to Dauphin Lake Golf Club's cancer awareness day on Fri. Sept. 5, 2014. The pharmacy serves a variety of patients including those who are combating cancer. These donated items helped show support for this essential local initiative and the people who face cancer each day.

The giving continued as Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Ltd. and Myles Haverluck made additional donations to relevant local causes. Another cause they supported with a donation is The Ethelbert District Community Fund. The money collected by this community fund helps support the needs of the community through the annual distribution of grants.

Supporting local causes is a top priority to keep communities strong and unified. Neighborhood businesses such as Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Ltd are dedicated to giving back to the community. Through donations and other contributions to local causes, Myles Haverluck and the pharmacy show their appreciation for the community they serve.

About Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy:

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy located within the Parkland area. Customers rely on a dedicated team of pharmacists such as Myles Haverluck as well as educated technicians and a helpful support staff. The team of professionals assists customers with prescription medications, herbal remedies, OTC medicines and other health care concerns. Dauphin is proud to serve the neighborhood by promoting and sponsoring a variety of local charitable causes. Find out more at http://www.dauphinclinicpharmacy.com

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