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04, October 2014: Who knew that getting a job had so much in common with dating. Job seekers could be missing out on the big opportunities of their lives if they didn’t understand the principles of D.A.T.I.N.G, says job search expert Vicki Theobald.

Just like dating has its different stages and rituals, so does the process of getting a job, according to the former recruiter-turned-author of the book Get That Job Now (www.GetThatJobNow.net)

"In recruiting there were many times I would see people fail to get the jobs because they didn’t know how to best present themselves, and they didn’t understand how the process worked and they were unprepared,” Vicki says.

"Getting a job for many people can seem as hard as a guy trying to ask a girl out on a date - it can feel nervous, tense and risky.

"What if they say no? What if they don’t like me? What if I don’t like them? What if they like someone else better?”

Everything can go a whole lot better for you with these ideas:

D is for Desire the job but Don’t be Desperate.

Desperation is never attractive, If you are so desperate to get the job, the irony is you probably won’t be the one they choose.

Desire and confidence, on the other hand, can be very positive qualities. It’s great to want the job, but never to "need” it.

A is for Attraction. Present yourself as the best candidate for the job.

This can include preparing a well-written cover letter, having a tailored resume that clearly addresses the selection criteria - these show you have been paying attention to what the employer is looking for. T is for Top Of Mind Awareness. This means you want them thinking about you when you’re not there.

When they’re shortlisting candidates, you should be one of the ones that automatically comes to mind. (I wrote a whole chapter in my book on how to do this).

I is for Interview. Study up on common interview questions. eg. "Why did you apply for this job?” or "What qualities make you the best candidate for the position?”

Consider and prepare your answers, then practice so you sound natural.

N is for No Quitting. Don’t say no to yourself, make someone else say no to you. Many people give up in life when they’re so close to success.

G is for Go Forward. No living in the past, no beating up on yourself for what you could have done better with hindsight.

Learn from your mistakes, improve what you need to do better next time, and then Go Forward.

And finally, if you apply for a particular job and it doesn’t happen for you on that particular occasion…

Well, as your mother used to say, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Get That Job Now is available through Amazon. More tips and information are available for job seekers at www.GetThatJobNow.net

For more information please contact Vicki Theobald via email at: justaskvicki (at) getthatjobnow (dot) net

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