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New ‘The Road to Financial Freedom’ Course People Teaches to Make Money Driving

Ocala, FL; 04, October 2014: An online course titled On the Road to Financial Freedom has been launched giving people the opportunity to start a successful transport business and earn a full time income.

On the Road to Financial Freedom allows anyone with a well-working, clean vehicle to become a part of the private transportation industry without getting Commercial Driver’s License or investing in a limo or taxi cab, by connecting with 11 companies looking to hire people to drive their clients to medical appointments. The course is designed to guide users to a smart way to earn money using resources they already have.

"The course equips you with everything you need to make serious cash without having to learn a new skill or buy expensive equipment. There is desperate need for PNEMT drivers in all 50 states and since you already have a car there is very little need for capital. We simply put you in touch with companies who are ready to pay cash for your time and the use of your vehicle," a spokesman said.

Drivers will earn an average $2.50 a mile to transport people to their medical appointments such as physical therapy or rehab. The process can take one day or as much as a week to complete the course and start making money.

During the course, users will discover five ways to increase revenue, how and when they will get paid, and get guidelines on the 13 realistic responsibilities of a PNEMT driver. The course goes through the vehicle standards the car must meet as well as the importance of maintaining a "log". Users will also learn how to work with business partners who will bring new leads and new opportunities to make the business a success.

About the course:

The complete ‘The Road to Financial Freedom’ course is available for only $197, along with bonus offers that include free upgrade to priority shipping by the USPS. Customers will also receive the bonus Quick Start CD – Your Super-Fast NEMT "GPS" to the Profits, as well as on-going coaching and support.

For Media contact:
Person Name: Tony Dun
Email: info@transporting1.com
Website: www.transporting1.com

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