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Ali Landry Discusses Car Seat Security To Parents With Young Kids

07, October 2014: The Daily Mail has recently reported on Ali Landry as a Mother on a mission, after talking with moms and dads with kids about ways to correctly use car seats at the 2014 Red CARpet Safety Awareness Program in LA.

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Top model Ali Laudry went along with her entire family while hosting the third annual Red CARpet Safety Awareness program, She posed for photographs on the red carpet, while carrying her 2 year old boy Marcelo in her arms and accompanied by her little girl Estela, aged 7, her one-year-old boy Valentin and other half Alejandro Monteverde. Al really looked to be in great shape while on a personal mission to teach moms and dads with young kids about the safety ramifications of car seats during the annual celeb occasion held in LA.

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AL stated she really wished to encourage parents to begin educating themselves about automobile safety seats, especially as youngsters are so delicate and vulnerable. She stated... "Safety seat producers suggest for ultimate security that infants are kept in a rear-facing safety seat for as long as possible, which is typically up until they are about 2 years of age. Exact height and weight limit measurements are seen on the side or back of the majority of car safety seats. Children and young children who are positioned in rear-facing seats will get the maximum protection possible for the head, neck and spinal column." She then finished by stating that it was particularly crucial for kids in a rear-facing position to be placed as far way from any airbag as possible.

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After addressing a couple of unrelated questions from the audience, she continued to state that kids should be relocated to a forward-facing safety seat when they outgrow a rear-facing seat around 2. She continued by stating... "The seat must still continue to be in the back and be particular to attach the leading tether after tightening up and make sure to lock the seat belt or lower anchors, and it will certainly be recommended that the top tether be used till kids weigh 40 pounds. From February 2014, the majority of car seat labels will give information about precisely just how much youngsters can weigh, so still use the lower anchors and leading tether."

Visit here to watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIltZ2rGYOY

Final thoughts from Al reveal that Children can be kept in forward-facing car safety seats til they weigh in between 65 and 80 pounds. She finished the car security session by stating... "To be safe simply inspect the safety seat label to see the exact measurements, and be sure that the use of lower anchors or leading tether is ceased when kids reach the restrictions set by your safety seat and car makers. For anyone with doubts just check out the handbook to learn exactly what those limitations are. Then finally children can be changed to a seat belt that goes with the car seat, and safety belts are made to secure us all, from extremely heavy grownups to kids who have outgrown a booster seat.

Daddy of 4 Mr Neil Speight, co-director of Nevada based car and kids accessory business "Freddie and Sebbie" said... "I have always kept my kids rear-facing as long as possible, then moved onto a car seat. Numerous of my young son's pals were already booster free, so I needed to discuss to my son the importance of being protected. I was delighted to see that he clearly comprehended the security element, however not so delighted when he began kicking the back of my seat, leaving terrible scuff marks behind, and challenging to eliminate. Though the kicking has ended up being a bit of a nasty habit, I'm pleased the Kick Mats I had set up are preventing the scuff marks from appearing again."

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