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Creating Voter ID awareness through the social media

10, October 2014: 

Use of social media for awareness 

In a highly digital world, the internet and its other components have made things even better for everyone. It cannot be denied that the social media is becoming a great help for all people. In fact, not only ordinary citizens are turning to it but also prominent people too. These people include city leaders. Because of the massive influence brought about by this media, city leaders have found it as an effective tool towards educating the people about things that may have confused them. With the upcoming political event at Milwaukee City which is the November elections, leaders want to reach out to people. 

Voter ID challenge 

Mayor Tom Barrett and members of the Common Council have decided to launch a program which was already financed by nearly half a million dollar for the campaign to push through. The idea behind this campaign is to educate residents how important their voter ID is when it comes to exercising their right. Elections are great opportunity for people to make a change for the government or else retain those who have served them better. But other people seem to give no importance to this as if it does not make a significant impact on their lives as well. That is why, this campaign was launched in order to encourage more people to take part and not just plainly become a decoration to their own city by not doing anything to make it better. The campaign is calling for leaders and residents to take a photo and post it on social media so that it can create awareness among people. 

A call to engage 

Out of thousands of residents in a place, only few are capable of letting their vote counts because of certain limitations such as the age of the person. Sad thing is that some people who are qualified to vote do not even care about it. That is why this campaign through the social media is initiated in order to reach as many people as possible to encourage them to exercise their right to vote. Elections do not come every year, when it comes seize the opportunity to vote for people whom you think are reliable for the position and remove those who are not. The Voter ID is stressed on this campaign because when you have one, it means that you are a registered voter. 

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