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Evolcear introduces salt free water softener with lifetime warranty

Evoclear, the reputed water filtration system company recently introduced a new salt free water softener with advanced feature. The new system is designed to solve the problem of hard water and removes limescale. Evoclear salt free water softener system is said to be the most preferred water filtration system by customers.

The new salt free water filtration can effectively reduce limescale by 99.6 percent and is reported to prevent buildups in faucets and pipes caused by hard water. This means that homeowners can save a lot of money by avoiding plumbing issues. According to customers review, the product needs little maintenance and comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike other water filtration systems, Evoclear water softeners are carefully designed using the best quality parts. The valve and tanks comes with 100 percent warranty and media needs to be changed every 5 years. This shows that the systems are durable, reliable, and highly efficient. Also, customers are assured with 90 days money back guarantee. This means that the company will refund the full amount if customers are not satisfied with the product.

Evoclear salt free water softeners are manufactured using anti scale Medias, which are tested and certified. This helps in transformation of hard water into microscopic nano crystals resulting in a scale free shower heads, pipes, etc. Evoclear systems are made to last for a lifetime. The company assures buyers that they will not need to buy any new water filtration once they buy its systems. With quality, the salt free water softener is also stylishly designed with stainless steel tanks. It come with 4 sediment filters for free and a blue housing unit. The sediment filter ensures that all debris and dirts are filtered out so that the media last longer. Interested customers can purchase the system from the official website or call to place an order. For more information please go to http://www.evoclearwater.com/evoclear-salt-free-water-softener


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Evoclear salt free water softener is the best way to get rid of hard water problems. The company’s water filtration systems are made of high quality and priced reasonably.

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