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Which NFL jersey is the most popular in each state? Glad you asked

15, October 2014: Seattle owns the Pacific Northwest, the Patriots are the most popular in New England, vikings win Minnesota and the neighboring Dakotas too. Everyone could have guessed that. But what about the states that have no NFL team or nobody particularly close? Which team's Wholesale NFL Jerseys sells best in Montana? What about Hawaii and Alaska? Which team owns states with more than one NFL team like Florida and California?

Dick's Sporting Goods has a fun interactive site that ranks and lists NFL jersey sales through their stores, with a map of which team's jersey is the top seller in each state (you can find that map at the bottom of this post). Here are the strangest takeaways from which states prefer which teams (based on 2014 season jersey sales through Week 3):

The Packers are Idaho's team

The Jerry Kramer effect that where the famous guard from the Lombardi era went to college, but that was many, many years ago, For whatever reason, the state has embraced the Packers, who won in Wisconsin (duh) and Idaho and that's it. Potatoes and cheese unite?

The Raiders win Montana (but not California)

The Raiders have a strong following everywhere, but we wouldn't have guessed Montana as a hot spot. That's the only state the Raiders won. I would have guessed the Raiders' China NFL Jerseys to be the top seller in California, because no matter how bad the team is, you see Raiders fans everywhere there. But I get why the 49ers edged them. They're just as popular and more successful on the field lately, to say the least.

The Browns win Ohio (and Oklahoma?) while the Bengals take Kentucky

The Browns' jersey is the best seller in Ohio, which makes sense. Cincinnati is practically in Kentucky so it makes sense that the Bengals won that state. What is strange is Oklahomans love Cleveland's team. The Browns drafted Oklahoma State players Brandon Weeden and Justin Gilbert in the first round the past few years, but this is probably the Johnny Manziel effect. His jersey is the highest seller among offensive players in Oklahoma, probably from Texas A&M fans who moved a bit north. Still a pretty big upset that the Browns beat the Cowboys there.

Nevada chooses the Colts

OK, someone explain this one. A lot of Stanford grads in Reno representing for Andrew Luck? Is Reggie Wayne a whale in Las Vegas? Did people win a ton in the sports books on Indianapolis' playoff comeback against Kansas City? Of all the teams and states on the list, this combination might be the most random.

Panthers rule in Hawaii while Rams are king in Alaska

I guess when you live this far from an NFL team you just pick someone. And it seems like the two states off the mainland just selected their favorite teams or players out of a hat. The Panthers are at least riding the wave of a good season. What's the Rams' appeal in Alaska? Folks up there adopt Chris Long as one of their own or something?

The 49ers win California and the Buccaneers win Florida

The Buccaneers won Florida in what I'd call an upset. They have new (and, let's be honest, ugly) jerseys, so that gives them a bump. It's still surprising to see them beat the Dolphins in Florida.

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