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Exciting Plans For the Development of St Lucian Tourism

17, October 2014: The idyllic Caribbean Island of St Lucia has lured romantics and adventurous travellers from different parts of the world for many years. Visitors continue to embrace the challenge of scaling the Pitons and exploring the magnificent local diving sites. However, Prime Minister Dr Kenny D. Anthony has claimed there is still plenty of scope for the development of the St Lucian tourism scene.

Dr Anthony outlined a variety of exciting plans during a speech at the Saint Lucia showcase in Luton. He revealed that plans for the creation of a brand new airport were firmly established and claimed that people prepared to pay a premium for private flights could expect rapid, hassle free transfers. This news is set to please those who are planning to book in to any of the luxurious accommodation on the island, such as the East Winds St Lucia.

Dr Anthony went on to say, "You [British tourist company representatives selling accommodation in high profile accommodation such as East Winds St Lucia] believe in the local product and have confidence in selling holidays to the island. Without that confidence, we would not be where we are today with year-on-year growth in UK arrivals."

His comments were supported by evidence of an increase in St Lucian holiday bookings from 2013 to 2014. It is expected that even more people will be prompted to book accommodation in eager anticipation of the ARC yachting and International Food festivals. Prospective visitors might also be keen to register for the special walking tours, which have been organised by St Lucian local, Diana St Helen.

Staff and management of places like the East Winds St Lucia can expect to be extremely busy as the demand for top quality accommodation continues to increase. Eager travellers are advised to keep a look for out for mentions of special discounts and events on websites, including the Essential Hotel Collection. (Advanced seasonal bookings should be made in order to avoid disappointment.)

Experts say it will be interesting to see whether the plans outlined by Dr Kenny come to fruition over the coming months. Discussions regarding the enduring popularity of St Lucian holidays will be held during the showcase event in 2015.

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