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Aceelo.Com Offers 20% Discount On All Elo Boosts

Aceelo.com is a website dedicated to players of League of Legends, a multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) video game.  Aceelo.com has become one of the most reliable ELO boosting companies, with over thousands of positive feedbacks.

Aceelo.com prides on providing their customers with top-class service which delivers the best experience to League of Legend players, ELO boosts as well as providing coaching lessons with some of the best League of Legend players in the world. Aceelo.com provides Challenger booster and Diamond booster.

Aceelo.com aims to provide LOL players with the fastest ELO boosting at reasonable prices starting from $ 16. Once an order has been placed, Aceelo.com assigns a Challenger or Diamond 1 booster to the player’s account. The purpose of ELO boosts is to help those players stuck in ELO hell to move up to a desired division.

Aceelo.com makes it easier to get out of ELO hell. The League of Legends is a popular game and has thousands of players all over the world. This large number of players makes it difficult for good and dedicated players to advance their ELO rankings. Players in a ranking limbo need coaching and guidance from more experienced players. Aceelo.com provides players with coaching from the top ranked Diamond and Challenger players.

ELO boosts can help players save a lot of time getting to their desired divisions, especially when they are stuck in a league they do not belong in. Aceelo.com requires all their boosters to use VPNs in order to prevent IP tracking and thus, ensuring anonymity. They guarantee players 100% safe ELO boosting.

At Aceelo.com players are guaranteed access to only the top tiered boosters ranked Diamond or Challenger. Additionally, Aceelo.com also offers personal customization to players. Players can customize their characters by choosing the skins available on Aceelo.com. Currently, Aceelo.com is offering players a discount of 20% on purchase of all boosts from their website. For more information please go to https://www.aceelo.com/

About Aceelo.com

Aceelo.com is a League of Legends boosting service that offers its service in all regions. They offer fast, cheap and reliable ELO boosts.

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