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Equipmentimes provides a platform for various online suppliers in International trade

20, October 2014: The online trading sector has many third-party associates that enhance the dealings in production line and equipments. Equipmentimes is such a trading hub that with over 50 years in international trade services in China production lines. The third-party service platform aims in helping SME’s to successfully complete foreign trade without engaging any obstacles and using less time. The cost of the trade is also low that helps the trading companies having higher margins in profit. 

The company has efficient services and positive result oriented teams that are globally recognized by many international sectors. The Equipmentimes website www.equipmentimes.com brings a detailed structure of all the supplier information and product details that one is interested in purchasing. The platform makes trade more efficient and reliable as the products are from genuine houses. 

The ice cream mix machine is available in the Equipmentimes site. The machines come in 4 types of beater mode-high, interval, low, 0 speed. The types can be altered with one button controls and perfect for making ice-cream gelatos. The machine gives a whole lot of flexible usage and does great mixture of the cream. The high technology behind the machine’s production gives the machine great solidity and trustworthy performance. The machine also comes with an anti-slipping mat that prevents the ice cream from slipping down the output channel. The ice cream mixture also has a power recovery system in-built that resurfaces the auto processing every time the electricity is off. Also the machine has a user friendly operation that makes its usage simpler and anyone can use it with minimal initial guidance. The machine also comes with an optional print record system that can record the time and temperature every time the machine is under work cycle. 

The production line company also deals in ice cream Display Cabinet that is common in many ice cream parlors showcasing the types and flavors. The machine has strong heated glass that cuts the external thermal activity and can compactly hold more than 20 ice cream trays. The machine also has automatic defrost systems that further solidifies its work load. It is finely manufactured in offering a better visibility of the menu inside as the curved glasses are placed at a suitable angle. This ice cream cabinet also consumes less power as it is systemized with Danfoss processor. It has the potential to generate uniform temperature across any place and offers more hygiene and cleanliness from its steel body on the inside. Also the machine has more insulation that results in low usage costs and increased output. 

About Equipmentimes: 

Website: http://www.equipmentimes.com/ 

Equipmentimes is a trading company that bridges the international trading provincials of SME’s and showcases all their products to finalize successful dealings. Their website can be visited for more information- www.equipmentimes.com

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