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KpFun is the new Netflix

20, October 2014: Founder and CEO of KpFun, Neil Fettig, may be the hardest working man in the restaurant marketing business but he says he cannot stop because his KpFun program is too much fun.


Steering customers, hungry diners, into favorite local restaurants is just part of the game.

The secret to the magic in the guaranteed success comes with the application of a not so secret compensation as the company makes it no secret they pay marketers to escort customers and introduce them to local restaurants actually paying them to dine out.

The founder CEO Neil Fettig stated, "You can have a great restaurant, you can have great food, you can even have a great location but if nobody brings you customers you're not going to have a great business. We simply bring restaurants customers by paying the reps to escort them through the door. Now the great benefits and features of the restaurant such as food, atmosphere and service can keep them coming back."

So what does KpFun mean to the future the restaurant industry both locally and nationally? KpFun founder and CEO also told us KpFun has no intention of stopping locally and nationally. Future plans of reaching into Canada, Australia, England and Mexico are on the horizon.

KpFun does for dining at restaurants what the billion dollar phenom Netflix has done for watching movies. KpFun conveniently organizes a complete selection of restaurant choices on top of valuable offers to entice customers to choose one restaurant over another.

The twist to KpFun marketing is that like the popular Netflix they use technology to combine, deliver and provide convenience that customers today expect.

KpFun is taking a bunch of antiquated marketing techniques and giving them a 21 century make over. Playing the speed game well KpFun is adding reps and restaurants using the speed of the Internet to allow both to begin immediately.

If KpFun's primary weapon is the ability to put customers into the restaurant, most times within 24 hours, then restaurant marketing has taken the next generational leap just as Netflix has done for watching movies.

When asked if KpFun is paralleling the success of Netflix by giving instant restaurant access to customers. The founder and CEO Neil Fettig stated, "People want convenience and instant results, they want it all and they want a deal. It's a right now decision being made millions of times a day all across the country. We provide this without fail with KpFun."


KpFun is a privately held company with over 7 years in direct sales and marketing performance. The corporate team's experience has international achievements in over 65 countries, 325 cities and locally across every state in the U.S. The KpFun program launched in the spring of 2013 locally in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area as a better way for restaurants and customers to share in a great dining experience and as a way to create a better financial life by sharing in the KpFun marketing program.

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