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Davey Cakes and the Snuggle Thugs Offers A Tongue-In-Cheek View Of The World Through A Lens Drenched In Skepticism, Fear, And Paranoia.

New York, New York, October 26, 2014: Perhaps what is most interesting about the music of Davey Cakes and the Snuggle Thugs is its unique brand of honesty and willingness to explore the darkest depths of the human psyche. Where many bands falter in their portrayal of the real world, DCST confronts inner turmoil head-on with little regard for adhering to modern artistic conventions. Experimental and endlessly creative, the music is reflective of the band’s frontman, David who portrays strengths and weaknesses as a human being.

Where many artists approach art with a myopic lens, David writes about his unique experiences both good and bad with objectivity and brutal honesty. As an experienced musician of 20 years, he expresses the need to convey a specific message, one that is witty, dark, and rooted in fear and paranoia. The new album "The Joy in a Memory" offers a commentary on the world that cannot be articulated nor understood without the use of an artistic medium. Conventionally, DCST’s musical formula closely resembles that of pure rock music, embodying rebellion and the constant strain of feeling angry and marginalized.

For David, rock music offered an outlet, a group that he felt he could belong to for its belief in a backwards world. DCST’s music values intellect, style, and power, while giving a voice to those with values and beliefs that break convention. "The Joy in a Memory" does not fit the bill of an over-polished record, but rather a raw and edgy social commentary recorded in a studio as unconventional as the minds of the artists. In a constant struggle to find musicians qualified enough to capture the emotion of each song, David is currently in the process of recording a second album and performing tracks from "The Joy in a Memory" as a solo/acoustic act.

The new album is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and other major online music sites, and also for free on the Davey Cakes and the Snuggle Thugs Bandcamp page. As just one of the many DIY artists displeased with the current state of the music industry, David does not expect to profit from the album, but rather views it as a way to garner support for live shows.

For more information on Davey Cakes and the Snuggle Thugs, "The Joy in a Memory", and to connect with David himself, visit the Bandcamp page at www.dcst.bandcamp.com, or check out the video for "Us" on Youtube.

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