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Top Wedding Announces To Release Its New Chinese Wedding And Party Dresses’ Collection

22, October 2014: TopWedding brings its customers something not a lot of bridal wear stores have previously brought or thought of: TopWedding gives you a taste of the imperial China and its stately culture. The Chinese don't adorn themselves with ivory satin and silk on their big day - instead, they go for the Asian classic - they go for the traditional red that is a trademark of all Asian brides in weddings. TopWedding boasts among its amazing collection of wedding dresses, a stunning compilation of Chinese Wedding Dresses as was never seen before. TopWedding, a "one stop wedding and party solution," has launched a fresh and most welcome innovation of Chinese Wedding Dresses and Chines styled party dresses, more commonly known as the Chinese Cheongsam and the traditional Chinese bridal wear, the bridal Qipao.

TopWedding has in its stores a most charming assemblage of the conventional, eye-catching red bridal qipaos. These elegant dresses are never going out of style - and when worn in a non-Chinese surrounding, are always the talk of the town owing to their endless elegance. TopWedding therefore has a wide range of these beautiful red bridal qipaos for brides-to-be and offer variety in terms of the silhouette, neckline, hemline, sleeves, button style, split, and especially the collar - the collars are the monumental limbs in these bridal qipaos. Also, very much like the Chinese, who don't restrict the patterns on their bridal qipaos to just floral, TopWedding has carefully constructed qipaos with various classy patterns such as the dragonfly and the bamboo. TopWedding offers its bridal qipaos in many shapes and sizes - ranging from short minis to knee length to long bridal qipaos, all in striking, radiant shades of the fiery red.

Along with the bridal Qipao, TopWedding has a vast collection of the imperial Chinese Cheongsam. The collection offers a wide range of dresses to choose from - traditional Chinese dresses, silk and sequined qipaos, and even Cheongsams in innovated, improved, and more modern styles. TopWedding uses a number of fabric including silk, satin, woolen cloth, faux fir, velvet, brocade, chiffon, lace, organza, tulle, viscose, polyester, cotton and filament to make these gorgeous dresses along with a variety of embellishments.

The aforementioned 'embellishments are a cherry on top of the cake, they add further to the beauty and elegance of the Cheongsams without having an overpowering effect on the actual dresses. These include embroidery, appliques, beading, ruffles, rosettes, bows, fur, sequin, the classic Chinese knot and the ever popular rhinestones. They also include an alarming array of traditional and classy patterns such as the flower-and-butterfly, peacock, phoenix, magpie, and more. The signature feature of all traditional Chinese dresses are collars and buttons and TopWedding takes great care of this - they offer an amazing variety of collars and buttons all fit to make their customers happy with delight.

TopWedding is also widely acclaimed for its affordable and budget-friendly costs. They have a range of prices that suit every customer of theirs - even those who have a tight budget and want to save some money.

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