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Legend Knight Guild Battle: Unlocked at level 30, Enjoy The Hot Game

25, October 2014:

About Legend Knight Guild Battle:

You can take part in Guild Battle after reaching level 30 and joining a guild. Guild Battle starts at 20:00 every night and only top 8 guilds on the guild rankings are qualified.

There are two sides in Legend Knight Guild Battle, the defending guild and the attacking guilds.

If all the statues are destroyed by the end of the event, the attacking guilds will be the winner. Otherwise, the defending guild will be declared the winner.

If the attacking guilds win, the guild with the highest points will be the next defending guild.

The defending guild will receive Buff until the Legend Knight Guild Battle starts.

The Buff is Gold and EXP boost in specified features.

All participants of Guild Battle will receive rich rewards.

Guild Battle

Legend Knight Illustration:

Legend Knight

Click the statue to open the defenders list. Then click Attack to attack a player. If you lose, you will wait for the revival CD to end before you can attack again.

When there are no players on the defenders list, you can attack Eudemon of Guild Battle. Attacking the Eudemon of Guild Battle will cause damage to the statue. When the first statue is destroyed, you can go to the inner city to attack the second statue. The attacking guilds will win when two statues are destroyed.

Legend Knight Other Buffs:

When you reach specified Battle Rating, you and your guild members will receive a buff. And when the same defending guild wins specified days in a row, the attacking guilds will receive a buff. The more the days, the stronger the buff.

The Legend Knight Official Website is here: http://www.legendknight.com/, Enjoy the best web-based rpg game.

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