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New Ebay Promo Codes November 2014

27, October 2014: Ebay coupons and deals have the potential to save consumers a significant amount of money. The eBay coupon codes are a series of numbers and letters with a limited validity and may be used towards certain categories or items. It can provide savings in the form of dollars off or a percentage off a purchase as well as free shipping. 

CheckBestCoupons.com has recently released all of the new coupons and deals for November. Many of the deals include for the upcoming holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The website is known for providing eBay redemption codes, ensuring consumers know where to go to find the savings they desire. 

The coupons that are provided for November and December allow people to shop for fall décor, Christmas decorations, presents, and much more. The coupons and deals fall into an array of categories, providing savings on virtually everything that a person would need to shop for. The code is entered during the checkout process, which will reduce the price of the shopping cart. Shipping charges may also be eliminated. 

CheckBestCoupons.com has recently gone through a recently site upgrade. This includes front and back end improvements for the site to function better. This includes more organization on the front as well as various tools on the back so that expirations are programmed in. This ensures that consumers only see coupons and deals that are valid at the time of searching. Many coupon sites include the expiration date and leave it on the site for extended periods, leading to confusion as to which links and codes are still valid. 

There are numerous reviews from users regarding the CheckBestCoupons.com website. “The website is the easiest site to use. I go on, find my eBay coupon, and never have to worry about it being an expired one," comments Susan, an online shopper from Boston. “I’ve used other coupon websites and this one is simply the easiest to use because it is always updated." 

“This is the number one website for eBay deals. I always know they’re going to have a deal that will save me big money," says Joe, a shopper out of Chicago. “I’ve saved hundreds of dollars this year alone because of finding codes to use." 

CheckBestCoupons.com is focused on a premium experience for consumers. The CEO and founder, Jesus Sanchez, works with freelance programmers to ensure the site has all of the necessary updates. Only active coupons and deals are displayed. Additionally, interactions are possible from consumers to vote on the popularity of the deals. Categories that appear include popular, most votes, and most views. This allows consumers to sort through deals based upon their preferences. It is not uncommon to see eBay deals viewed 50,000 times or more. 

“We spend a lot of the site profits on upgrading the website on a regular basis, including a new upgrade that is set to launch in November of this year," explains Sanchez. “Our goal is to become the number one couponing site on the internet during 2015. We continue to see an increase in visitors on a monthly basis and welcome feedback from consumers as to how we can improve the online experience." 

Approximate 20,000 visitors explore the site a month looking for an eBay redemption code that they can use on the auction website. CheckBestCoupons.com receives the list of deals directly from eBay on a monthly basis. Once received, programmers instantly put the information on the site, ensuring consumers have access to them quickly. 

The CheckBestCoupons.com/eBay is the link that will take people directly to the eBay deals. The deals are listed and a link is provided, making it possible for people to be brought directly to where the deal exists. Descriptions are included on the deals and a comments section is also provided, allowing consumers to talk about the deals, offer up advice, as well as to ask questions. Jesus Sanchez is active within the comments, often answering questions about the deals and codes on his own. 

The website also features deals from all of the top online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart.com, and many others. 

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Jesus Sanchez (CEO and Founder)
Email: admin@checkbestcoupons.com
PH: 408-471-8047
Location: Modesto, CA.
Website: CheckBestCoupons.com

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