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Experts Laud Success of Barge Holidays

27, October 2014: An article published on PeterGreenberg.com – a dedicated travel and adventure website – has focused on the recent boom in popularity of boating and barge holidays, and sees a number of experts attempt to explain how and why it came about.

River cruises, in particular, have seen an almost unprecedented growth over the past decade or so, going from relative obscurity to challenging their larger, sea-faring counterparts in terms of popularity and demand. Experts quoted by the article – namely the editor of a dedicated cruise magazine – explain that this situation may partially be due to the relaxed, intimate atmosphere river cruises offer when compared to those aboard larger ships.

According to the same expert, the opportunity to leave the vessel and explore out-of-the-way villages and attractions - as well as try each region’s delicacies – is another huge factor in favour of river barge holidays, when compared to ocean cruises.

In fact, the specialist adds, the fundamental concept of ocean and river barge holidays differs greatly: while cruise liners focus on the fun to be had inside the boat, river barges focus on what can be enjoyed outside of it. This, when added to the reasons detailed above, may go a long way to explaining why this type of holiday is threatening the mantle of the traditional sea cruise.

Over the past five years, river cruises have seen a ten percent increase in number of passengers; in the same time span, the cruise industry as a whole has only grown by seven percent, making river barge holidays officially the fastest-growing element of this particular market.

Despite their relatively recent run of success, barging and river cruises have been around for nearly four decades, having first been introduced in the 1980s and aimed at the American market. In today’s panorama, the focus has shifted to Europe, although North American is starting to pick back up in number and volume of cruises once more.

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