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Susceptible Babies Still At Risk As Vehicle Occupants

29, October 2014: With child accident injuries still on the increase, professionals blame moms and dads who refuse to comprehend that buckling kids in appropriate sized car seats, booster seats, and seat belts will decrease the possibility of a serious and deadly injury in a traffic related accident. Current stats expose that when a car seat is utilized, the opportunity of death in traveler vehicles is considerably lowered for infants aged under 1 year by 71 %; and for the 1 - 4 year age group by 54 %. 

Car Sun Shades

More US data disclose that throughout 2011, over 650 kids aged 12 years or more youthful died as passengers in vehicle mishaps, with over 148000 children being injured. An added study discovered that in just one single year, over 618000 kids aged as much as 12 had been a vehicle passenger without having actually utilized a child safety seat, a car seat or a seat belt a minimum of once, which 33 % of the children who passed away in a crash in 2011 had actually not been buckled up.

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Another threat for youngsters riding in a kid safety seat is the possible threat of getting burned, but this time by the sun. The summer season sunshine has declared numerous young victims this year with reports can be found in from up and down the nation about kids and children getting burned, after being placed into a hot car safety seat by their parents. A current Japanese medical research study about safety seat security exposes that direct sunlight can heat a kid's safety seat by as much as 149 degrees. 

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Car accessory market professional Mr Neil Speight says that lots of parents are simply uninformed of the threat when leaving a parking area in direct sunlight. He said... "The major problem is that babies and children are commonly just not able to communicate their pain with moms and dads, and crying may just not be enough to obtain their attention." 

Mr Speight discussed how his Nevada based company "Freddie and Sebbie" were assisting to inform moms and dads about kid safety seat awareness, and said... "Our Amazon customer support team are responding to moms and dads questions about child safety in cars on a daily basis, with numerous issues about age and size restrictions for automobile safety seats, car seat and seat belts. So I would say that despite the reports, there is a genuine issue today by American moms and dads for the safety of their children's well-being, it's just a case of keep getting the message out to them as much as possible. 

Neil, a dad a 4 himself said... "The sun can be the cause of really nasty burns, so I would highly recommend the use of a safety seat sunshade to help protect children from getting burned, either by the hot buckles or by a very hot automobile safety seat. The Freddie and Sebbie safety seat sunshade has actually been created to cool and secure an automobile safety seat, and is very simple to install." 

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