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Wedding rings and divorces

29, October 2014: Today the online retail stores are booming in business regarding jewelry items as well. People are even shopping for wedding and engagement rings online. In fact, there are different rings in demand. From promise rings at the beginning of a relationship, we move onto engagement rings to formalize the relationship and a wedding band to commemorate the tying of the holy bond between two souls.

Trend in wedding rings

Over the last few centuries, the ring has been getting more extravagant. Today, having diamonds and gold on a ring is a given. It is taken for granted and these two precious metals and stone would surely make up an engagement ring if not more. People vie for platinum rings these days and more. In fact, there has been a recent study whose findings have been released. It hints at the correlation between how much couples spend on marriage rings and how likely that marriage might last.

Survey findings

The facts are surprising. Professors at the Emory University, based at Atlanta, have surveyed over three thousand individuals and found that:

* Those who spend about $2000 to $4000 on engagement rings have 1.3 times likelihood of divorce as compared to those who spend between $500 and $2000.

* Spending above $20,000 increased the likelihood of divorces by 3.5 times

* Those who spent less than $1000 lessened the hazards of divorce

The correlation is not without reason. The more the debt due to marriage expenses, the more the strain on a relationship. As a result, men and women are likely to split up when they are unable to recon ciliate or overcome the strain on their financial matters after their marriage.

It has also been shown that, those who spent around $8000 indicated a higher earning level and higher education. These factors do account for greater stability in a marriage.

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