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Huade Carpet Company manufactures and sells various kinds of carpets

China; 30, October 2014: Carpets have diverse utilities and serve multiple purposes in the contemporary age. They are used in residential, commercial and official environment. In short, carpets can be found anywhere irrespective of the operational and functional distinction of the place. Huade Carpet Company has played a fair part in making different types of carpets for all. It has a number of factories in China and employs various machines for making different varieties of carpets with best of quality. The Chinese carpet manufacturer has a well-defined development process and a strict quality-control system, the combined effect of which is reflected by every piece of floor-upholstery produced by the company.

Huade Carpet Company has heavily invested on the business of carpet manufacturing. All the varieties of carpets produced at various factories of the company bear evidence of how well the capital has been utilised by the firm. The quality of the carpets that are manufactured by Huade is apparent from the fact it is one of the leading suppliers of hotel carpets. A hotel carpet has to be made with utmost precision and in accordance with standard of posh hotels. Luxury hotels are those places on Earth where money is spent for sheer pleasure. So, anything that is even slightly short of the requirement gets rejected at hotels. The carpets manufactured by Huade are used by a number of renowned elite hotels throughout the world.

Huade Carpet Company has achieved the standard through focus on quality. It strives hard to maintain the reputation that its products shave earned. The company has factories at 10 different locations in the country. It has installed 30 units of Axminster carpet machines, 45 units of Wilton carpet machines and 66 units of tufted carpet machines. Besides, it has 2 carpet yarn production and 5 after-organising carpet lines. The vast range of equipment and a workforce of more than 5,000 employees produce around 100 million square meters of carpets every year. The company accepts custom carpet orders and can supply the precise product in as less as 7 days.

Huade Carpet Company is also a reputable supplier of hand-made carpet. There are extensive varieties available in the section of hand-made carpets too. The hand-made carpets offer the uniqueness and exclusiveness that is typical to only handicraft. However, they are good in quality and have designs that hard to find in hand-made products. Huade offers assurance of sturdiness and longer-lasting feel of new carpet. The company exports carpets as well as has an online shop for customers who are looking for specific pieces.

About Huade Carpet Company:

Website: http://www.carpethuade.com

Huade Carpet Company manufactures varieties of carpets in China. It carpets are used in offices, hotels, residences and more. It has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification. Chinese Environment Protection Fund Committee and Carpet Association of China have respectively awarded the company with the title ‘Green Products’ and ‘Chinese Environment Friendly Carpet’.

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