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Wolfwebgroup.com launched with Hopes to Deter Drunk Driving in Virginia.

Wolfwebgroup.com recently launched its website to provide legal information to drivers facing drunken driving charges in Virginia. To deal with DUI convictions, individuals need to have access to detailed information about their legal rights and locating the best law firm or attorney to represent them in Virginia. Wolfwebgroup.com is a very helpful online resource for individuals who find themselves arrested by law enforcement under DUI charges. This website particularly helps them gain familiarity with the Virginian DUI codes and penalties as well as local law firms such as the SRIS Law Group, who specialize in DUI charges.  

When it comes to traffic crimes such as DUIs and reckless driving, the Virginian court system is very strict, with severe penalties almost comparable to that for assault and battery. True, there are very serious dangers to drinking and driving and law enforcements have every right to take steps to preempt them. However, every arrested individual is entitled to due process and to make sure of this, they need to find the right attorney to represent them.

When an individual is arrested for drunk driving, the charge or charges fall into various categories according to Virginia State Code. These include underage driving under influence, second DUI, DUI felony or misdemeanor and refusing to submit to tests determining alcohol content of blood.  The penalties vary in the severity according to categories.

Under Virginian law, driving while intoxicated is categorized as a Class 1 offense and individuals convicted of this crime have to pay a mandatory minimum fine of $250. The court may also impose jail time on individuals with high blood alcohol levels. Second or repeat offences of driving while intoxicated bring upon more severe penalties with convicted individuals paying steep fines as well as being imposed imprisonment of one year. Other penalties include suspension of driving license and seizing of the vehicle.

Many people are unaware of the harsh punishments associated with DUIs in Virginia. For this reason, Wolfwebgroup.com was launched in order to enlighten drivers on the penalties of drunk driving in Virginia and to provide information on law firms that can help them with their DUI charges. To get more information please go to http://www.wolfwebgroup.com/

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Wolfwebgroup.com is an online resource for DUI penalties in Virginia. The website also provides information about the SRIS Law Group.


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