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Ain’t No Way to Start A Garden

Kansas; 05, November 2014: When you hear a city has been named a Garden, you would naturally assume that this has to do with it being a haven for, at least, outdoor enthusiasts. However, such is not the case with Garden City.

Garden City can be found within the Finney County in Kansas. The city came to be in 1878 when James R. Fulton, William D. Fulton and W.D.'s son, L. W. Fulton, arrived in what is to be present-day Garden City. During that period, there were only four buildings in the said area with much of the streets surrounded by and littered with sagebrush and soap weeds. It was only between 1885 and 1887 that people began migrating to the place, calling for a need to build railroads and other prominent structures.

Today, Garden City boasts of a population of more than 25,000. Although the primary source of income of the city is agriculture, it is not the primary reason for tourists coming in every year. This title goes to the fact that Garden City plays home to a number of tourist attraction including Friends of Lee Richardson, Finney County Fairgrounds, Finney Wildlife Area, Finney Bison Refuge, and the Old Bank Gallery.

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