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Emmy award winning realist painter Alex Liccione conveys approach to the Venetian Method

Nationwide, November 10, 2014: While all forms of art can and should continue to evolve, classic techniques must be preserved and passed down the generations. In a world that is going increasingly electronic, it is refreshing to find a modern-day artist who has mastered a classic art form—but gives it their signature touch such as Master Painter Alex Liccione does with the Venetian Method.


Liccione’s love for canvas began at the young age of 6 years-old. His natural talent led him to a full scholarship at the prestigious Rochester Memorial Art Museum. This was the first of many scholarships that took Liccione through his high school and collegiate years. His in-depth understanding of classic styles led to a full scholarship from the Italian government at the globally respected Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Brera in Milan, Italy.


“All methods of painting take commitment and dedication, but the classic forms require time-consuming techniques that many artists fail to have the attention to detail required to master.” - Caryl Westergren

Even in his early years, Liccione had great appreciation of famed Old World painters. His ability to create opaque passages and glazes that allow natural light, shadows, color, and form to enhance his work.


Alex Liccione’s work ranges from portraits, architecture, landscapes, patriotic, and even abstract oil paintings. Due to the quality and life that can be achieved with the Venetian Method, Liccione has been commissioned for set decorations and design for film, stage, and TV. Liccione has been commissioned for set decorations and design for film, stage, and TV. His work has been featured in celebrated sets such as “The Good Wife”, the “Sex and the City” movie, “Law and Order”—and he has won 5 daytime Emmys, including his work for “Sesame Street.”

Liccione’s work can be found in the collections of museums including: The American War Library - "American Heroes" Museum and Pinacoteca di Berra, Milan, Italy. Artists can also access Liccione’s wealth of knowledge during his master classes in the Venetian Method.

To learn more about Liccione’s work, or to contact his agent please visit http://alexanderliccione.com

Written by Joanne Silatei

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