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Catman Evolution #1 on Kickstarter Brings Classic Character Original Adaptation to Leap Forward In Next Era of Comics in New Flagship Title & New Universe of Firestorm Comics!

10, November 2014:

By Brad Linder

CatMan Evolution is the flagship title from FireStorm Comics, an extremely popular new independent comic book publishing company getting traction all over the web for the last few months on social media.

The book is about Darren Merrywether, the grandson of the original 1950’s Cat-Man character from Holyoke Publishing, a property that has fallen into public domain. In it, we see Darren’s struggle to come to grips with being the heir to his grandfather’s heroic legacy, as he simultaneously fights to keep control of his family’s company, the Merrywether Foundation

This series is an exciting adventure of a man trying to define himself as either a hero or anti-hero and the story supports that level of depth. Co-plotters Brad Linder, (creator and publisher) and Veronica Massey, (famed paranormal romance novelist turned crime/action comic scribe), have created a fast-paced crime/action story that doesn’t disappoint, with a very smart use of mature language and well-structured storytelling to keep the reader moving smoothly from beginning to end.

"With CatMan Evolution, FireStorm is hoping to bring thousands of fans craving something original and edgy the story they want and deserve!"

– Brad Linder, Publisher of FireStorm Comics

FireStorm Comics is a company focused on upholding both mainstream quality and independent creativity and freedom within the same amazing line of books. CatMan Evolution is the first in a line of comics that are targeted towards hardcore fans that grew up with comics but now find that the comics never grew up with them. The company is on a mission to bring comics that the fans enjoy reading back to the market. By using Kickstarter, fans can have a voice in what they like to see become a finished product.

Check out their campaign here:
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1644403567/catman-evolution-1-a-new-kind-ofcomic-a-new-kind - Kickstarter campaign direct link
http://www.comickickstarter.com - campaign news, press and information
http://www.firestormcomics.com - official company site
http://www.facebook.com/firestormcomics - official facebook page
http://www.twitter.com/firestormcomics - official twitter account

For Media Contact:
Brad Linder, (Founder/CEO/Publisher of FireStorm Comics)
FireStorm Comics
Dept. #7, C/o Brad Linder
2301 South West 22nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73108-6204
Phone: 405-604-0347
Email: brad@firestormcomics.com

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