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Idream sells designer couple jewelry at cost effective price

United States of America; 11, November 2014: Wearing jewelry for the special occasion is as much important as it is to put on the best of clothes. A jewel is more than just a décor as it reveals a lot about the person wearing it and also the reason why they are sporting it. For couples it holds a lot of significance when they wear matching pairs of love bands or necklaces showing their unity and strong bonding.

Idream services in selling cheap and stylish matching jewelry for couples. The jewelry is well made and crafted with perfection. The jewelries are mainly in high standards of stainless steel or sterling silver. There website www.idream-shop.com has a series of matching jewelries for couples be it wedding rings, promise rings or engagement love bands. The store also has varieties of couple necklaces and pendants based on heart shapes and heart puzzles.

The Idream jewelry online store has many matching rings for couples which are of long lasting quality. The rings are stylish and shiny with a shimmering gloss that brings out the real affectionate meaning behind it. The buyers can choose from the heart shaped wedding band or the tungsten wedding rings specially made for couples. People can also customize their rings for the special ceremony with suitable engraved letters to mark the authenticity of the wearer. The rings are also available in gold plated over silver or cobalt and look very expensive and classy to wear. Pendants sold at Idream come in different shape and sizes mainly heart blocks or heart pieces. The buyers can also choose from cute teddy pendants or couple cross pendants that come with a free stainless steel beaded or box chain. The chain materials they provide are rust free and have high durability with a shiny eye-catching look.

Idream’s online store is also proficient in their shipping terms as they provide free shipping to the buyer’s address on a total bill of more than $100. The matching necklaces for couples come in various shapes and designs as the buyers can choose depending on the occasion. The jewelry design and couture is very contemporary and adds a lot of charm to the wearer over-all persona. Online shoppers can have a look at range of jewelry available at Idream’s and buy matching love key chains like silver classic pandas or small pig shaped silver figurines. The heart pieces that are very common in their store are embellished on the rings and necklaces like a stone.

About Idream:

Website: http://www.idream-shop.com/

The online store is a reputed seller of matching jewelry for couples. The jewelry store also has a free shipping policy on purchase of over $100. The rings, necklaces and pendants come with a guarantee and can also be refundable if not satisfied with the product q1uality or design.

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